Evil Santa

Four Horror TV Series That Would Be Great For The Horror Fan On Christmas 2014

Four classic horror shows that are great for binge watching, and would make for a fun time for the horror fans on their own this Christmas!

Wolfenstein 3D

Wolfenstein 3D (1992) – Video Game Review

A review done for the classic 1992 computer game, ‘Wolfenstein 3D’.


Futurama: Season 1 – Episode 9: ‘Hell Is Other Robots’ (1999) – TV Episode Review

This episode tells the story of how when Bender gets addicted to Electricity, he ends up weening himself off it, and finding robot religion…

But when his friends get tired of Bender’s turn to the straight arrow, they tempt back in to the life of debauchery… But when he disappears… the Planet Express crew are prepared to go to, ‘Hell’ to get their friend back!

Sleepaway Camp 2

Four Summer Camp Slashers That You’ll Never Forget!

Four classic Summer Camper slasher horror movies that you will never forget!

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap AC DC

AC/DC: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (1976) – Song Review

A review of the classic 70s hard rock song: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap by: AC?DC


The Mixtape… A Fun Addition For A Horror/Sci-fi Story

The Mixtape… A Fun Addition For A Movie

Le Fear Le Sequel

Le Fear 2: Le Sequel (2015) – Movie Review

I have found in my many years now of watching many movies that every once in a very rare while a truly magnificent modern day independent movie will come out that is just… Well… To say the least awesome! It could be because it is that perfect bit of drama/thriller that keeps you on the … Continue reading

Gerald's Game

Gerald’s Game (1992) – Stephen King – Book Review

When Gerald and Jesse Burlingame head off to a cabin for the weekend for an off the books romantic weekend… But when they are about to have sex, Gerald handcuffs her to the bed and forces himself on to her…

When she fights him off though, she ends up killing him… And being locked to the bed and no one expecting either of them… She may have sent Gerald to hell… But Jesse will also end up in her own personal hell being cuffed to the bed!


Iron Man And Captain America: Heroes United (2014) – Movie Review

In this tale Iron Man and Captain America are attacked by the Red Skull… And when Captain America is kidnapped and brainwashed to become, ‘Captain Hydra’… And Iron Man’s weapons are stolen, Iron Man will stop at nothing to stop Hydra, save his friends and his equipment, before Red Skull and his goons can take over the world!


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