Psycho House

Psycho House (1990) – Robert Bloch – Book Review

Psycho House (1990) – Robert Bloch – Book Review

Clive Barker

Masters Of Horror: Clive Barker

Masters Of Horror: Clive Barker

Alien Resurrection

Alien: Resurrection (1997) – Movie Review

This latest installment in the, ‘Alien’ franchise tells the story of how centuries after Ellen Ripley died destroying the last of the, ‘Xenomorph’ species, the human military had decided to bring them (and Ripley) back to life to create the ultimate weapons!

But of course they haven’t learned from their mistakes yet, and in the end, a smuggling gang and the remnants of a crew of soldiers, are going to have to not just make it off of their ship, but they are going to have to stop the revived species, before the ship makes it back to Earth!

Marvel Vs Capcom 3

AC/DC: T.N.T. (1976) – Song Review

AC/DC: T.N.T. (1976) – Song Review

Sabertooth Wolverine

X-Men: Season 1 – Episode 8: ‘SpykeCam’ (2001) – TV Episode Review

This episode tells the story of how during a school project, Sabertooth ends up mugging, ‘Spyke’… Who had filmed the location of Xavier’s Institute… Once he get it, he goes after his old enemy, ‘Wolverine’, and it will be up to Wolverine and the still in training, ‘X-Men’ to stop this menace, before Sabertooth can destroy the X-Men, and mankind’s only hope to bridge mutants and humans!

The Offspring

Punk… A Genre That Made Popular Again In The 1990s Thanks To The OffSpring

Punk… A Genre That Made Popular Again In The 1990s Thanks To The OffSpring

Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem (1991) – Video Game Review

Duke Nukem told the story of how Duke Nukem tried to stop, Dr. Proton before he can take over the world…

The Avengers

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