Captain America
Send Me An Angel

Real Life: Send Me An Angel (1983) – Song Review

Real Life: Send Me An Angel (1983) – Song Review

Musicians In Movies
Man Of Steel

Man Of Steel (2013) – Movie Review

This movie tells the story of how a renegade scientist on a distant planet decides to save his only son and sends him to a Planet Earth to live among people that may look like him, but do not have to same powers as he does…

When more survivors of Krypton’s demise come to Earth, this son of Krypton will have to go to war with the last of his species in order to save his adopted planet and it’s inhabitants!

Chinga X-Files
Needful Things

Needful Things (1991) – Stephen King – Book Review

Needful Things (1991) – Stephen King – Book Review

Dark And Stormy Night

Don’t Start Out On, ‘A Dark And Stormy Night’

Don’t Start Out On, ‘A Dark And Stormy Night’


Quake (1996) – Video Game Review

In the single-player game, the player takes the role of a protagonist known as Ranger who was sent into a portal in order to stop an enemy code-named “Quake”. The government had been experimenting with teleportation technology and developed a working prototype called a “Slipgate”; the mysterious Quake compromised the Slipgate by connecting it with its own teleportation system, using it to send death squads to the “Human” dimension in order to test the martial capabilities of Humanity.

The sole surviving protagonist in “Operation Counterstrike” is Ranger, who must advance, starting each of four episodes from an overrun human military base, before fighting his way into other dimensions, reaching them via the Slipgate or their otherworld equivalent. After passing through the Slipgate, Ranger’s main objective is to collect four magic runes from four dimensions of Quake; these are the key to stopping the enemy later discovered as Shub-Niggurath and ending the invasion of Earth.


Five Classic ‘First Person Shooter’ Computer Games Of The 90s That Rocked Before The Rest Of The World Caught On

Five Classic ‘First Person Shooter’ Computer Games Of The 90s That Rocked Before The Rest Of The World Caught On


Futurama: Season 1 – Episode 8: ‘A Big Piece Of Garbage’ (1999) – TV Episode Review

You see this episode tells the story of how after almost a thousand years a ball of barely post 20th century garbage that had been slingshot in to outerspace is heading back to Earth and threatens life as we know it… And of course, the only one’s that can fix this is the Planet Express crew…


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