Lost Girl
Halloween 3

Halloween III: Season Of The Witch (1982) – Movie Review

This movie tells the story of how after a Doctor, whose patient is murdered while in his care, and at his hospital takes off with the daughter of the patient, and they head off to investigate his death… But what they find maybe the biggest joke of all… One that is played on the kids!

And on Halloween night, if the Doctor and the daughter of the patient can’t stop this cruel joke, then this Halloween will be one no one will ever forget!

The Rolling Stones
A Game Of Thrones

A Game Of Thrones (1996) – George R. R. Martin – Book Review

The original written form of the epic HBO series… Enjoy!

Star Trek What Are Little Girls Made Of

Start Trek: Season 1 – Episode 7: ‘What Are Little Girls Made Of’ (1966) – TV Episode Review

The Enterprise is sent on a mission to rescue the missing fiancee of one of the crew members on board… The problem is, is he is not quite the man he used to be, and it will be up to the crew of the Enterprise to find out what is going on before it is to late!

Halloween Movie

Halloween In Horror Movies… A Great Setting For A Scary Story

The Excitement Of Halloween In Horror Movies… Why It Works So Well

Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit

Nirvana: Smells Like Teen Spirit (1991) – Song Review

Nirvana: Smells Like Teen Spirit (1991) – Song Review

Halloween Video Games

5 Classic And Contemporary, Horrific ‘First Person Shooter’ Video Games To Play On Halloween

5 Classic And Contemporary, Horrific ‘First Person Shooter’ Video Games To Play On Halloween

Airplane Vs. Volcano

Airplane Vs. Volcano (2014) – Movie Review

Airplane Vs. Volcano tells the story a passenger flight to the Hawaiian Islands that ends up veering way off course and ending up flying over an erupting volcano during the biggest eruption ever… And with almost no help coming to their aid, a Pilot, a genius, an Air Marshal and a Soldier are going to have to fight the odds to save a plane full of people from being turned in to ashen statues!

Bill And Ted's Bogus Journey 90s Heavy Metal Music

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