Fright Night (1985) – Movie Review

Official Score = 3 Devils

Official Score = 3 Devils

Have you ever seen a movie that just kind of stuck with you? Something that you found to be both fun and exciting but was also extremely emblematic of the decade upon which it was made? I have seen plenty of those in coming of age dramas and the like, but you know what? I have to admit that up until a few years ago I had never really seen it in a horror movie!

I mean don’t get me wrong all horror movies regardless of the decades which they were made always had very clear cut signs of the times on which they were made, but some were just a little bit more then others… A great example of this is, Poltergeist (1982)!

Now this is one of only a small handful of horror movies that are like this, but one of things that I have grown to really appreciate and enjoy about this movie in particular, is the fact that this movie, (which was made in 1982), just really screamed the 80s, and the truth is, is I was pretty young back then, but that decade was a fun (and in the case of a horror movie like this,) thrilling walk down memory lane!)

And another one, and it is not the only thing that I like about this movie, but it is certainly a nice draw, and that is, Fright Night (1985)!

Charley Brewster (WIlliam Ragsdale) & Peter Vincent (Roddy McDowall) in, Fright Night!

Written & Directed by: Tom Holland (Child’s Play). Starring: William Ragsdale (Justified), Chris Sarandon (The Nightmare Before Christmas), Amanda Bearse (Married With Children), Roddy McDowall (Shakma), Jonathan Stark (According To Jim) & Stephen Geoffreys (Moon 44).

Now, again I actually had not heard about this movie until about a few years ago when my buddy Matt Dowling from told me about it, and I got to say that I was surprised at how truly pleased with this movie that I really was!

What I mean by this,  is that the story has some funny cheesy awesome moments to it, but it also has moments where in you are on the edge of your seat… And another lesser important side to it, but still good, is the fact that this movie never really has a truly dull moment to it!

You see, this movie tells the story of how a horror aficionado by the name of, ‘Charley Brewster’ (William Ragsdale), a nice suburban teenager, with a nice girl next door type of girl friend, and with the slightly nutty best bud… He is living a very ideal life indeed… That is until he comes to discover that his new next door neighbor is straight out of a horror movie!

Charlie as he is being introduced to his new neighbor… m

You see, Jerry Dandridge (Chris Sarandon) is some one who does not particularly enjoy sunlight, and is a lot older then he looks… He’s a freakin Vampire!

So with out anyone actually believing him, it will be up to his skeptical best friend, and his hero (a former movie Vampire killer turned late night monster movie host), to stop Charley’s new next door neighbor from really sinking his teeth in to the neighborhood!

The other thing that I really liked about this movie was the talent, I had seen these guys in some other things through out the years, but not for many years… So it was great to not only see them at work fresh, but from way back in the day as well!

In the end guys, if you haven’t seen it yet, do so, it is definitely one worth watching… I thought so, and I suspect you will as well!

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