Injustice Vs. The Masters Of The Universe #1 (2018) – Comic Book Review

So I have to admit that I am a fan of those series that do crossovers… You don’t see them to often… But I have to admit that I do find them to be incredibly amusing… I really enjoyed the movie, Freddy Vs. Jason (2003), I also enjoyed what I can remember reading from the team up between the, ‘X-Men’ and the, ‘U.S.S. Enterprise’ in the 1990s… I even liked reading the crossover between, ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’, ‘Friday The 13th’ and, ‘The Evil Dead’.

I am not sure why you don’t get to see them to often, they are so much fun! I really enjoyed reading about how Superman did when he fought with, ‘Venom’ in a DC/Marvel crossover that happened many years ago!

And I will admit to finding the Injustice Vs. The Masters Of The Universe comic quite fascinating so far… Granted I have only read the first issue, but I have to admit that I am very impressed with it!

Created by: DC Comics, this mini-series starts off by telling the story of how after He-Man destroys an imposter that reveals who he is… He-Man/Prince Adam is feeling a little road weary… And so it is fortunate that Batman and a small team from Earth come to ask for He-Man’s help in helping to stop, ‘Superman’ from continuing to do the damage that he is doing!
You see, in the Injustice dimension, Superman was a hero at one time… As a matter of fact, he lived the life that our Superman had led… That was until Superman had been doused with a gas by the, ‘Joker’ that had made Lois Lane look like the Joker.
Now Superman tried to kill this Joker and unfortunately for the people of that planet Earth, not only did he succeed, but he succeeded very well! Ultimately finding out that he had killed the love of his life had driven him mad… And after getting his revenge on the Joker, he started on a rampage to take over the Earth!
Well at the height of his power, Superman had been taken down and captured… But when an Alien invasion almost overwhelmed the planet, the people of Earth did the only thing that they could do… Bring back the man of steel and hope he was back to being interested in protecting and not controlling!
Well Superman did help… But after he stopped the Alien menace, he went back to his own ways and started work on taking over the planet again!
And now it is up to Batman, and his, ‘Justice League’ along with the help of the, ‘Masters Of The Universe’ to help stop Superman and his, ‘Injustice League’, before they can take over the planet!
Now so far this is a great mini-series… It has all of the possilities for a fun 6 part series… The only thing I realized is that this is a connection to a bigger series… So I will probably be reviewing this series simutaneously!
Check it out… It is fun and I think that you might really like it!