A Brilliant Portrayal Of Bela Lugosi By Martin Landau

Martin Landau as, ‘Bela Lugosi’ in Ed WOod was pretty awesome!

If you are as big a horror fan as I am then you most likely know Bela Lugosi (The Black Cat)… I mean he was one of the first universally recognized, ‘Draculas’ ever, (Technically Max Schreck played the titular Vampire almost 20 years before, but at the time that Bela Lugosi was playing this role, Max Schreck’s, ‘Nosferatu’ would still be waiting in the wings to be discovered decades later!

Well for most of you, you probably recognize Bela Lugosi for the awesome work that he did in Dracula, but not much more… Unfortunately!

You see, Bela Lugosi did have a great career doing B-Movies, but after Dracula, he never really made it very far from Dracula, and ended up spending most of the rest of his life playing roles that were loosely similar to, ‘Dracula’! And in his career’s declining phase, he would eventually end his life doing incredibly, ‘B’ level work, working with Ed Wood (Glenn Or Genda)… But doing roles that were still pretty awesome!

Bela Lugosi around the time that he did Plan 9 From Outer Space with Ed Wood!

With that in mind, Johnny Depp (A Nightmare On Elm Street), ended up doing a biopic of the great B-Movie director, and Martin Landau (X-Files: Fight The Future) would end up doing playing Bela Lugosi… In an almost chilling performance that was strikingly similar to what I had read, and what I had heard was very similar to what Bela Lugosi was like!

“What I do best, what I’ve always done best, is act.” – A quote from Martin Landau about acting!

And well, this role was a personal favorite of mine in regards to the work that Martin Landau did, and since he recently passed on, I thought that you guys might enjoy this scene from what in my opinion is one of the more fun roles that he played… A scene from the 1994 movie, ‘Ed Wood’ in the role of, ‘Bela Lugosi’!