A Look At The Winchester Brothers In There First Rolls.

Ok, so unless you have been living on another planet… I think it is pretty safe to say that the chances that you, as a horror fan have seen Supernatural… Well at this point… At this point we mostly recognize Jared Padalecki (Friday The 13th) with Supernatural, and Jensen Ackles (My Bloody Valentine) with this show.

But both of these guys have an interesting and sometimes colorful history of working in other roles, and I thought that you guys might enjoy this look at them in their first roles!

Jared Padalecki as: Matt Nelson in: A Little Inside (1999):

Movie Synopsis: After the death of his wife, a baseball player (Benjamin King) tries to single-handedly raise his daughter (Hallie Kate Eisenberg).

As it looks like, before Jared was killing demons and the rest of the supernatural boogeymen… He was actually a happy go lucky kid working at a garage… apparently with his idol!

Now I haven’t personally seen this film, so please check out this scene with Sam Winchester himself doing something other than killing demons!

Jensen Ackles as: Michael Duss in: Wishbone the TV series!

TV Show Synopsis:  Clever and adventurous, Wishbone the Jack Russell Terrier can do just about anything! Wishbone brings classic literature to life and imagines himself as the live action hero in each tale. Friends and viewers join him in stories such as “Romeo and Juliet,” “Frankenstein,” and “Treasure Island.”

So from what I can tell… This is a kids show, and Jensen played a friend of the family… Enough said… Right? Check this out anyway… I think you will find this to be interesting…

And finally the most recent kick ass thing these guys have done… The latest trailer for the latest season of, Supernatural!