Absentia (2011) – Movie Review

Written And Directed by: Mike Flanagan (Still Life). Starring: Katie Parker (Cut), Courtney Bell (Mad Men), Dave Levine (Asylum), Morgan Peter Brown (Piggies), and Justin Gordon (We Were Soldiers).

The truth is, is that movies in which someone disappears due to supernatural causes are usually quite enjoyable… In all of these types of movies…. Absentia (2011) is definitely one of them…

Absentia tells the story of a woman by the name of, Tricia (Bell). Now this woman is pregnant and is about to attempt to move on with her life after her husband disappears without a trace seven years previous!

For her to be able to do so, her sister, ‘Callie’ (Parker) shows up in town to help her sister get the papers in order for her sister to have her husband declared legally, ‘Dead In Absentia’, Callie is also there to help get Tricia moved out of her apartment and in to a newer and better location!

During the first evening though Tricia begins to see her missing husband as a demonic entity, and during the next morning, while Callie is out jogging, she comes upon a man who looks like he is probably beaten up pretty bad!

Later on that evening, thinking that this guy was probably homeless, Callie comes back to the tunnel where she saw the guy she thought was homeless. When she gets there though, she decides to leave the food that she had prepared for him in the tupperware on the ground.

As time goes on and more and more strange things happen to both Callie and Tricia, and after the mysterious re-appearance of Tricia’s husband, ‘Daniel’, these two sisters are going to discover something that is going to change both of their lives forever!

Now the truth is, is that the special effects are pretty descent, cinematography is definitely reminiscent of Traffic (2000), but done in a right way. Also I thought the dynamic between Courtney Bell and Katie Parker was really cool, also I thought that Katie Bell and Justin Gordon in the whole did a great job in this movie… That’s the plus side!

The minus side of all this is that, the character development for and amongst everyone else was pretty sub par, to the point where outside of the connection between Courtney Bell and Katie Parker, and the screen time that Katie Parker and Justin Gordon shared, I really didn’t think that anyone else related to each other very well. I also didn’t think the acting was very good by almost anyone.

Also this story is so disjointed on rather or not there is a supernatural force that is looking to terrorize the people in this neighborhood or, if it is bland and normal…

So in the end, this movie is alright, but not great…