Alvin And The Chipmunks Meet The Wolfman (2000) – Movie Review

Two Devil Grade Grading System

Official Score = 2 Devils

Now it is true that the horror genre, for the most part is a genre of Film, TV, or Written material that is inappropriate for most children…. But not always…

What I mean by this is that some times cartoons that are based on fairly child friendly characters, (such as, ‘The Simpsons’ or even Family Guy) are oft times Animated TV shows, whose, ‘Halloween’ episodes tend to be very child friendly.

As for movies, a great example of a horror based cartoon movie that I would say is something that is pretty kid friendly, is a movie that I just saw recently, Alvin And The Chipmunks Meet The Wolfman (2000)!

Written by: John Loy (Problem Child: The Animated Series) and Directed by: Kathi Castillo (Ghostbusters), Starring: Ross Bagdasarian Jr. (The Chipmunk Adventures), Janice Karman (A Chipmunk Reunion) and Maurice LaMarche (Pinky And The Brain).

This movie was a nice walk down memory lane for me. what I mean by this is today’s chipmunk movies are known for being live action movies starring, Jason Lee (Chasing Amy)… But for most of us growing up in the 1980s we remember the time before the chipmunks was a live action movie and was still animated!

This enjoyable animated movie tells the story of how on the cusp of the Chipmunks, (and the Chippettes) Elementary school play for, ‘Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde’. Now at this point in the lives of the Chipmunks and the Chippettes, Alvin is a horror fiend., to the point where for the longest time now, he has been waking up his entire house after having some horrible nightmares from all of the horror movies that he watches!

After yet another sleepless night, Simon finally gets upset at Alvin for his horror movie obsession!

As a way to stop this, Simon, Theodore, and their father, ‘Dave’ decide to put a stop to this, by taking away everything that Alvin has that is horror related!

During this time a frustrated Alvin begins to suspect that his new neighbor may be a Werewolf!

Now during his investigations Alvin will come to discover just who the Werewolves really are! And will have to race against time to stop them before Alvin ends up loosing one of his nearest and dearest!

‘The Chipmunks’ & ‘The Chipettes’ as they are walking home on a dark and spooky night!

Another side of this movie that I really did enjoy quite a bit was the music! That was done by, Mark Watters (Aladdin And The King Of Thieves) and, Christopher Klatman (End Of Days)

Also, if you’re a fan of animation like I am, then I think you older people might end up really enjoying this one, but otherwise, I do think this one is a fun one for the kids to enjoy!