Audrey Rose (1977) – Movie Review

Official Score = 2 1/2 Devils

Official Score = 2 1/2 Devils

The seventies saw a major change in horror movies… An interesting change… What’s that change you might ask, well that change saw the sudden rise in possession movies!

Now before you go asking what I mean by a possession movie… A possession movie (a term I guess you might say that I made up) is a movie having to do with an entity or a spirit possessing the body of living breathing person (In the case of the movies I am talking about, more specifically demons/the devil/or some other form of spirit inhabiting a humans body!)

Now of course we have all heard of, The Exorcist (1973), a story about a little girl that was possessed by an ancient evil demon, and the people that are trying to get rid of that demon and save the girl…

Well this movie I do believe helped popularize this particular type of movie, despite the fact that there have been other possession movies before and after The Exorcist… Such movies as, The Amityville Horror (1979), a movie about the possession of a house (and the man of the family being possessed by the demon as well, and another more modern/contemporary example would of course be the paranormal movies!

If you are wondering why I am mentioning this, the reason being is that there is another possession movie that I thought that I would mention here, and that movie is Audrey Rose (1977).

Written by: Frank De Fetta (The Entity), and Directed by: Robert Wise (The Day The Earth Stood Still). Starring: Susan Swift (Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers), Marsha Mason (Drop Dead Fred), Anthony Hopkins (Silence Of The Lambs), John Beck (Rollerball) and John Hillerman (Magnum P.I.)

I first heard about this movie, (which was based on the novel by Frank De Fetta), from … You guessed it, the original master of horror in my family, ‘my father’! Well since a lot of the horror movies that he had turned me on to in the horror genre had panned out real nicely over the years, I ended up sitting down to this movie about 15 years ago or so, and I gotta say that, ‘I FREAKIN LOVED IT’!

Now before I dive to deeply in to the awesomeness of this movie, I thought that I should tell you a little bit about the story:

You see, Audrey Rose tells the story of how in the 60s a little girl by the name of, ‘Audrey Rose’ and her mother are driving in a heavy storm in Pennsylvania, and during this time, the mother gets in to a car accident that ultimately kills both the mother and little Audrey Rose…

The new, ‘Audrey Rose’ (Susan Swift) still want her old, ‘Daddy’! (Anthony Hopkins)!

Well that seemed to be the end of little Audrey Rose’s story (or so you would think!) You see over the course of about 11 years, Audrey Rose’s father, (through various mystical, spiritual and more down to Earth means) comes to believe that Audrey Rose’s spirit has settled in to the body of an 11 year old girl by the name of, ‘Ivy Templeton’ (Swift), who happened to be born on the exact same day and only two minutes after the death of little Audrey Rose, and who every year around her birthday has particularly, (albeit unintentionally so), violent episodes!

Now of course Ivy’s parents are quite skeptical, and rather scared of this man, but as he becomes more and more a part of their lives, it begins to look like Audrey Rose really may have settled in to this body to early, and it will be up to this seemingly, ‘crazy’ intruder to try and put his daughter to rest before, the Templeton’s end up loosing their daughter as well!

All in all definitely one of the more interesting ones!