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  • Read A Book? Watch A Movie? How Do I Decide

    Read A Book? Watch A Movie? How Do I Decide

    In this age where we are just saturated with an unbelievable amount of entertainment possiblities, the question is how do I decide? Am i right?

    Have you ever been in that position where you are spending a quiet night at home and you are wondering rather you should read a good book or watch a movie… or maybe play video games?

    Well I have certainly had it more then a time or 2 and I can tell you that it can be a bit of a problem in this age of inflated entertainment! So I am just going to give you a few ideas of what you are getting in to, and you can decide from there!


  • Blade Runner (1982) – Movie Review

    Blade Runner (1982) – Movie Review

    This movie tells of a sort of a dark and dreary yet particularly edge of your seat tale of how in the future, humanity will create a race of basically cloned people with the intention of bringing the human race to the farthest reaches of space, and to help expand humanity in everyway possible!


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