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  • The Tell-Tale Heart (1843) – Edgar Allan Poe – Book Review

    The Tell-Tale Heart (1843) – Edgar Allan Poe – Book Review

    You know, I will be honest and say that I have grappled with the idea in the past of reviewing short films, as well as, ‘short stories’, ‘novellas’ and the like… The truth is, is there really is not a lot there, so that I can understand not doing them, especially with the fact that it is probably better to save the time and energy for bigger works… But then again how can I not review one of the most famous horror/thriller short stories of all time?


  • Baron Blood (1972) – Movie Review

    Baron Blood (1972) – Movie Review

    You see, this movie, which was written by: Vincent Forte (Missile To The Moon), and which starred: Joseph Cotton (The Survivor), Elke Sommer (The Prize), Rada Rassimov (Necropolis), Massimo Girotti (Facing Windows), and Antonio Cantafora (Demons 2) is an interesting story that seems to incorporate certain elements of the tales of both ‘Vlad The Impaler (Dracula)’ and, ‘Elizabeth Bathory’, you see both were sadistic lunatics (who both happened to be noble people,) and Vlad liked to impale certain subjects that lived in the areas that he controlled that he ultimately did not get along with!


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