Avengers Vol 5 #1 (2012) – Comic Book Review

Cap suiting up

When I was a kid, one of my favorite things to do (like a lot of kids in the late 80s/early 1990s did like to do,) was to collect trading cards! For most kids it was baseball cards… But for me it was always comic book trading cards, and Basketball cards, and later the cards for the, ‘Magic The Gathering’ game!

I mean I must have had all of the DC and Marvel cards (still have a sizeable amount of them to!) But my collecting wasn’t complete until I started reading comics, and my favorite at the time I have to admit was, ‘The X-Men,’ but I have recently started really diving in hot and heavy in to the world of, ‘The Avengers’ and I have to say that I, so far am as pleased with the Avengers comics as I am with the movies!

And you know what? The most recent one I read, Volume 5 issue #1 is as awesome as the first issue that was done of the series in the 60s!

A fantastic comic!

A fantastic comic!

Written by: Jonathan Hickman and inked by: Jerome Opena. This interesting issue starts off to what I think is going to be a really nice series! You see, this series talks about how after The Avengers goes to Mars to confront an enemy that is changing the red planet, and how a sizeable majority of the original Avengers are lost to them (with the exception of Iron Man and Captain America…) And how the two of them are left to re-team the Avengers!

Now the truth is, is that I am not giving this the justice that it deserves, but it is a brilliant comic with great imagery, that I think is going to end up being a ton of fun! And if you haven’t checked it out yet, than I also highly recommend it!

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