Baron Blood (1972) – Movie Review

There is a horror movie director that is very well known in most circles, that director is Mario Bava (Planet Of The Vampires)…

Unfortunately Mr. Bava is no longer around, but when he was, this guy, I suspect helped at least to some extent to influence such people as George A. Romero (Night Of The Living Dead), he was a pioneer that helped to define an era of some of the greatest cheesy, ‘B’ Horror movies that the world would ever know!

Another thing about this guy that I thought that I would mention here is that Mario Bava, along with such greats of other genre’s (such as Sergio Leone in Spaghetti Westerns) where real trailblazers, what with not just having helped to create a truly legendary Italian cinema, but in the case of Mario Bava, his work still translates decades after their release to the still legions of fans that he has all over the world!

The last thing that I do unfortunately have to say is that I recently really started to dig in to his work, what with having recently watched, Planet Of The Vampires (1965)… And you want to know what I think is the best thing about this legendary master of horror?

Well simply stated the best thing about this guy’s amazing body of work is the eerie sense of doom that pervades the suspense that ends up keeping you on the edge of your seat almost all the way through the movie!

With that said, that is just one of the reasons I was glad to see the movie: Baron Blood (1972).

You see, this movie, which was written by: Vincent Forte (Missile To The Moon), and which starred: Joseph Cotton (The Survivor), Elke Sommer (The Prize), Rada Rassimov (Necropolis), Massimo Girotti (Facing Windows), and Antonio Cantafora (Demons 2) is an interesting story that seems to incorporate certain elements of the tales of both ‘Vlad The Impaler (Dracula)’ and, ‘Elizabeth Bathory’, you see both were sadistic lunatics (who both happened to be noble people,) and Vlad liked to impale certain subjects that lived in the areas that he controlled that he ultimately did not get along with!

Anyway, this movie tells the tale of a particularly brutal 16th century Baron by the name of, ‘Baron Otto Von Kleist’ (Cotton), who would sadistically torture and kill certain citizens that lived in the areas that he controlled… (That was until he made the mistake of killing a witch that would go on to set a curse on him that would damn him for all eternity…)

Well as it turns out, the Baron would end up being burned alive inside of his Castle…

Three hundred years later, his descendant, Peter Kleist (Cantafora), an American, who would end up deciding to go ahead and look up some of his roots after college…

At first everything is moving along alright, he meets his long lost Uncle Karl (Girotti), ‘a professor at the local school’, and he would end up meeting a woman by the name of, ‘Eva’ (Sommer), with whom he would fall for while he is on vacation in the old country… As a matter of fact he brings along an old spell that would supposedly summon his ancestor…

The only problem is that after Peter and Eva go to the castle to, ‘Summon’ Baron Von Kleist, strange things start to happen, people start going missing, etc… And as time goes by it is starting to look like Peter is going to be able to re-unite with another long lost relative!

In the end, this movie is a great time, and if you haven’t seen it yet… Trust me when I say that I thought it was well worth it, and you might think so as well!