Batman Beyond: Episode 10: ‘Spellbound’ (1999) – TV Episode Review

Batman is about to fight his most, ‘mesmerizing’ opponent yet!

Alright, so I know it has been awhile since I have done a review for anything from, ‘Batman Beyond’, the truth is, is it has been awhile since I have done a review of anything at all… But I am back now, and I thought that you guys would enjoy a review from the Batman’s of the future… Or Batman Beyond!

Now this one is an interesting one, you see this episode titled: ‘Spellbound’ was directed by: Butch Lukic (James Bond Jr.) and stars: Will Friedle (Kim Possible), Kevin Controy (Batman: The Animated Series) & John Cypher (Masters Of The Universe).

This episode tells an interesting story, you see, in ole Gotham, crime is a constant… I mean that is the reason for the, ‘Dark Knight’ right? Well in Gotham, there is a new class of criminal that seems to have come in to take over… Regular people!

How do you fight an opponent who has you under his spell?

And as Terry McGinnis (Will Friedle) suits up to find out what is going on… Along with the help of, Bruce Wayne (Kevin Conroy), Batman is about to find out that even he may become susceptible to the big bad controlling the criminal world!

A Spellbound citizen robbing her family… A crime she won’t never forget…

Now I keep mentioning this episode as being, ‘interesting’… Well the truth is, is I do find episodes where the criminals manipulate people to be an awful lot of fun… And with, ‘Batman’, no matter who DC gets to do these types of episodes, they always tend to do a pretty good job!

So if you haven’t check this one out yet, then I highly recommend doing so… It is an awful lot of fun!

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