Batman Beyond… The Movie?

How cool would it be to see Michael Keaton come back in a new, ‘Batman’ movie!

Now I know that Batman generally speaking is not my forte when it comes to this website (most of the time he is not really sci-fi… But still… Having a Batman Beyond movie… That could be awesome!

Here is a couple of reasons:

1. Batman never really ages… Different players may play Bruce/Wayne… But we have had the same Batman for a long time… And if the movie is as good as the TV show, it could be fun to see a new character as, ‘Batman’

2. And since for the most part when it comes to DC, we generally see to some extent, what happened before Batman became the character as well as any of the other justice league characters… But we never see what happened after the more modern events… And it would be cool to potentially see what happened to people including: The Flash, Superman & even Wonder Woman 3o or 40 years in to the future.

It might be kind of cool to see how the Justice League became old men and women!

And there is a right way to do this, and a wrong way to do this… Now I am hoping they do this the right way… If they do, this could be absolutely awesome!

What I mean by this is, is if they did stuff like, bringing back Michael Keaton (Multiplicity) as an elderly, ‘Bruce Wayne’… And didn’t just make the hunkiest man, ‘Terry McGinnis’ (The character in both the comics and the TV series that became the Batman years after he retired from the role.)

The next thing you should do, is put a little bit of money in to the sets… Make the city look more scifish… but not over done…  And finally if you show where some of the other original villains and super heroes would be awesome!

Now I am gonna say this… If you do this right, this movie would be great… If not… Well it could be good… Or it could be… Well… Fine… But here is hoping for a great new live action, ‘Batman’ idea!

Now this is a fan made trailer… But it could give you an idea of what you could expect.