Battle Beyond The Stars (1980) – Movie Trailer

So I never knew this until I actually found out what a B Movie was about 10 years ago… But that I had watched quite a few of them… As a matter of fact, there is a quite a few sub genres of horror movies that one could say really does count as a, ‘B’ Movie!

With that in mind… One of the first truly legitimate science fiction movie that I remember watching, when I first got in to B Sci-Fi is a movie that is pretty clearly a B movie version of Star Wars (But in my opinion is just about as good anyway, is, Battle Beyond The Stars (1980))!

This amazing movie has great cast of 80s actors and actresses, including: George Peppard (Damination Alley), Richard Thomas (It) and so much more!

Well don’t worry the review is coming, until then enjoy this trailer for the movie!