Battlestar Galactica Season: 1 – Episode 1: ‘Saga Of A Star World Part 1’ (Air Date: September 17th, 1978) – TV Episode Review

Official Score = 2 1/2 Devils

Official Score = 2 1/2 Devils

I had heard about Battlestar Galactica (the original series from 1978) for awhile but had never really given it much of a chance, but then my wife and I decided to give the 2004 series a chance and found that we both really liked it quite a bit…

Well since then I have always kind of thought how cool it could be to give the old series a chance, considering the fact that it does seem to have all the amusing elements of a camp Science Fiction TV series, but with some amazing talent from back in the 1970s!

Included in this list is: Lorne Greene (Bonanza), Dirk Benedict (The A-Team), Noah Hathaway (The NeverEnding Story) and Jane Seymour (Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman), and that is just to name a few!

But besides the great talent that star in this show, they also had some pretty awesome talent guest starring in this show as well, including: Lew Ayres (All Quiet On The Western Front) & Ray Milland (Panic In Year Zero!), and that is just to name a few from the first episode!

And boy what an episode it was! Written by: Glen A. Larson (Knight Rider) and Directed by: Robert A. Colla (Zoya). Starring: Richard Hatch (Last Platoon), Dirk Benedict, Lorne Greene & Herbert Jefferson Jr. (Outbreak).

This first episode posits the idea that what remains of the 12 colonies of man, are actually the ancestors of humanity on Earth (a fascinating concept that has had similar concepts proposed in the past.)

You see at what is supposed to be the peace conference to end the longest war in human history between humanity, and the Cylons (A race of androids), the Cylons end up betraying humanity and launch a sneak attack with the idea of destroying all of mankind and the planets that they inhabit with in the 12 colonies!

The slow death of the 12 Colonies, starting with the death of their space fleet!

In the end though, they end up failing when Commander Adama (Lorne Greene) decides to launch and all out counter attack (one that is obviously doomed to fail!

But this counter attack ends up buying them some time you see, because even though all of the planets of the 12 colonies have been systematically attacked  by the Cylons, Commander Adama, is able to rescue as many people as he can and ultimately to form up a refugee fleet and set out for the 13th colony (Earth), in the hopes of finding a safe haven from the Cylons, and to give humanity its last best hope!

In the end this episode was truly awesome… Why… Well being that I got in to Galactica from the most recent reboot series, it was great to see where all the characters came from (i,e… Starbuck is a woman that is played by: Katee Sackoff (Halloween: Resurrection) in the recent reboot series, but in the original series, the character of, ‘Starbuck’ is played by a man by the name of, ‘Dirk Benedict’!)

‘Dirk Benedict’, (who played, ‘Starbuck’ in the 1978 original Battlestar Galactica), with ‘Katee Sackhoff’, (who would play, ‘Starbuck’ in the most recent remake of, ‘Battlestar Galactica’)!

So it is a lot of those little differences and similarities that I found to be quite fascinating between this first episode of the original Galactica and the the remake series!

Another thing that I have to say that I really liked about this episode is how the Cylons essentially destroyed the 12 Colonies… Who ever thought up how the Cylons would end up destroying the 12 colonies did a great job, and the cast and crew also did a great job in executing not just the destruction of the 12 colonies on the Cylon side, but also in how humanity dealt with the loss of everything they had known!

I also wanted to say that I really liked about this episode… And I hope that this was maintained through out the limited run of the series, but the laser blasts were really spot on!

What I mean by that is that most special effects guys from the 70s were able to create the laser effect, but never added the explosion with it, and I always thought it would be a great idea to add that, and I have to admit that I was happy they did!

The last thing that I have to say, and really the only negative thing that I have to say, and I suspect that in all fairness that this is probably true for most of the rest of the series, is that this original series is real short, and is really campy… But if you like that stuff (which I personally do), then you probably will really enjoy it!

In the end I thought the pilot episode was very well made, and If this episode is any indication, then I can imagine that this series will probably turn out to be pretty spectacular!