Be Smart… Stop Trying To Remake These Movies… Reboot The Classics!

Ok, So I have to be upfront, I am not a huge remake fan… A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010)… A massive dissapointment (I mean can I just say it…  It is going to be almost impossible to replace Robert Englund (Strangeland) as Freddy Krueger!)

For the last decade or so, all I have seen is these cotinuously crummy remakes! Friday The 13th (2009) was a dud, A Nightmare On Elm Street was a disappointment… And although the first Halloween remake movie had some promise….  The sequel was garbage… And mucked up the potential for the rest that series!

Well that is till recently… Don’t get me wrong, the series that Rob Zombie (House Of 1,000 Corpses), was not that bad, and the cast, including Scout-Taylor Compton (The Runaways), Sheri Moon Zombie (The Devil’s Rejects), Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange), Danielle Harris (Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers), and Tyler Mane (X-Men), was pretty cool… At least the first one was pretty epic…

But the truth is, is the second one… Kind of, meh… And untile recently the franchise had been in jeopardy… Till very recently!

Ok, so what I know for certain and can tell you guys about that I am fairly confident of, is that it is going to be some sort of reboot that is going to be bringing back Jamie-Lee Curtis (Halloween) in some capacity, and that the original horror master himself, the man who brought Michael Myers himself to life, ‘John Carpenter’ is coming back to produce it!

How cool is that?

And that got me to thinking about the TCM, ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ reboot that came out a few years ago…

Now I don’t know if you guys are like me, but I liked the Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot, it was an awful good time! But a few years ago, instead of continuing with the remake series… They decided to reboot the original series, with the original characters and sort of due away with a ton of the original universe…

Well the truth is, is I liked Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, and am sorry to have seen that movie be a part of the retcon… But the reboot was AWESOME! I mean it brought back the true scares and thrills and chills, that we all loved! It also gave the original cast to shine in a new light… And that was amazing!

That got me to thinking about recently the continuing wave of attempts to remake some of these amazing movies… And having the remakes suck!

So far, most if not all of the rebooted series, I have to admit that I really have enjoyed! They add elements in a lot of the right areas that made the original series so awesome, while also making them relateable to the current generation… And make the original series continue to be marketable, and a money industry… Well so to speak!

Listen all, I am saying is that the Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot was pretty awesome, so far the Halloween reboot is looking like it is going to be pretty awesome! Why not reboot the Friday The 13th franchise and take it back to it’s classic roots… You will be glad you did! And well with A Nightmare On Elm Street… Well hopefully Kevin Bacon (Friday The 13th) will listen to Robert Englunds call and come be his replacement… Otherwise just put A Nightmare On Elm Street to rest!