The Birds (1963) – Movie Review

A magnificent film!

This one is a personal one for me… Besides the fact that I actually really enjoyed this movie, I actually got to meet one of the actresses from the movie… A very nice person… And a funny story that goes with it!

Alright, so at the time I was working the awesome people over at writing reviews and articles for them, (this was before I setup this site.)  Anyway, me and a friend went out to one of the local conventions that she was appearing at… And we were getting some of our memorabilia signed by this person… Anyway, I wanted to record the event for prosperity… And needless to say… Well it didn’t work out the way I had hoped… Anyway she didn’t get to annoyed, just had me stop filming her signing the piece.

Anyway, this movie of course being, The Birds (1963)!


A great movie!

Written by: Evan Hunter (Blackboard Jungle) & Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock (Psycho). Starring Tippi Hedren (Marnie), Rod Taylor (The Time Machine) & Suzanne Pleshette (Blackbeard’s Ghost).

“It’s the end of the world” – A quote from, The Birds (1963)!

This movie tells the story of how when a woman goes to a small norther california town in the hopes of finding her one true love, she gets more then she bargains for when the local bird population starts attacking the human population!

Now you might be asking what makes this movie great… Well like every movie the Hitchcock did, acting, story, special effects, are all top drawer… But honestly what makes this movie great is how he pushed the borders of what is possible!

I mean think about it like this… In 1963 it was not possible to CGI the Birds attacks… So getting this all together, and then making it look seemless and natural was a real fete that really impressed the hell out of me!

As far as this movie goes… This movie is great… If you get a chance to check it out, do so! I guarentee you that you won’t regret it!