Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) – Movie Review

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A few years ago when I first saw Iron Man (2008), I heard of a rumor that the plan for Iron Man, was to have him have his own individual movie series, but then to eventually create a sort of compilation movie, which would include, Thor, The Incredible Hulk & Captain America & the rest of The Avengers crew as well!

Now at the time I figured that the rumor would mean that there was going to be a whole slew of new superhero movies that would be coming out, including movies for, ‘Thor’, ‘Captain America’, and the rest of the, ‘Avengers’ crew from the epic comic book series from the epic Marvel Comic book series…

At the time though I didn’t quite believe it, what with the fact that there were at the time only two, ‘Incredible Hulk’, movies and one, ‘Iron Man’ movie…

Boy was I wrong! I mean since then there has been another, ‘Iron Man’ movie, and, ‘Thor’ came out in 2011!

The only one that was really left was, ‘Captain America’, and low and behold… Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) was pretty much the last cog in the machine to be put in to place before the studios would start making, The Avengers!

Written by: Christopher Markus (You Kill Me), Stephen McFeely (The Life And Dead Of Peter Sellers) & Directed by: Joe Johnston (The Wolfman). Starring: Chris Evans (The Avengers), Hayley Atwell (The Return Of Captain Nemo), Sebastian Stan (Black Swan), Tommy Lee Jones (Men In Black), Hugo Weaving (The Matrix), Dominic Cooper (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter), and Toby Jones (The Mist).

Captain America (Chris Evans) as he has gone to war!

Captain America: The First Avenger, tells the story of a very patriotic young man by the name of, ‘Steve Rogers’ (Evans), who during World War 2, tries at every chance that he can to join the Army, but usually ends up failing for medical reasons!

That is until one night, when while on a double date with his best friend Bucky Buchanan (Stan), and his girl, Rogers decides to split away from the pack and try his hand again at signing up for the Army… This time he actually makes it in!

You see, there is a German scientist that is working with a special research unit of the United States Army and billionaire, Howard Stark (Cooper), in an effort to create a genetic super soldier!

Well the good news is, that the experiment is a success and actually makes young, scrawney Captain Steve Rogers in to a large power house super soldier!

The only problem is that during the experiment, Doctor Abraham Erskine (Played by: Stanley Tucci), the person who is the project director ends up being shot by a Nazi spy that had infiltrated the ranks of the guests that had been invited to watch the experiment!

Now instead of doing it right and sending Captain Rogers in to the war to kick some ass, the government decides to send him on a USO tour as, ‘Captain America’ to promote American values and the positive side of going to war against Nazi Germany…

That is until one day while entertaining the troops in Italy, Rogers learns that his friend Bucky had been taken prisoner by the forces of, ‘Hydra’ (An organization which is controlled by a Nazi by the name of Johann Schmidt ‘A.K.A The Red Skull’ (Weaving).

After Captain Rogers rescues these soldiers from the forces of Hydra, the permanently christened, ‘Captain America’, is given his own crew, and is sent behind enemy lines to destroy, ‘Hydra’!

Now the truth is, is I have to admit that this movie was pretty disappointing to me, some of the story was unbelievable beyond the point of my tolerance, (to the point where I am pretty convinced that the ending was created in an effort to throw Captain America in to, ‘Present Day’ New York.)

Also I have always enjoyed a good World War 2 war movie, but this one was just bland!