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Carrie (2013) – Horror Movie Review

You really don’t want to mess with Carrie White!

Now I have to say this first and foremost when it comes to Stephen King, that guy is one of my favorite authors of all time! He keeps you engrossed in just about all of the stories he writes… And when he describes true evil the way he does… It is so good, I literally could not put down, ‘The Stand’ and spent most of my free time when I first got a copy if that novel doing nothing but reading his works!

And you know what? Carrie is one of his better works of fiction and ones of the first novels he ever wrote and got published!

Carrie would go on to be one of the greatest works of cinematic horror in movie history. When after the release of the novel, Brian De Palma (Dressed To Kill) made the first big screen version of the film with Sissy Spacek (Badlands)!

Since then there has been a few remakes and a sequel… But the remake that I wanted to talk about here… The one that in my opinion is actually surprisingly really good is the remake with, Chloë Grace Moretz! Carrie (2013)!

Written by: Lawrence D. Cohen (Nightmares & Dreamscapes), Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Riverdale) & Directed by: Kimberly Peirce (Stop-Loss). Starring: Chloë Grace Moretz, Julianne Moore (Hannibal), Gabriella Wilde (Endless Love), Portia Doubleday (Her), Zoe Belkin (Perfect Sisters), Ansel Elgort (Divergent), Judy Greer (Halloween) & Barry Shabaka Henley (Stolen).

“Carrie had some sort of power. But she was just like me… like any of you. She had hopes, she had fears, but we pushed her. And you can only push someone so far before they break.” – Sue Snell (A quote by: Gabriella Wilde from the movie: Carrie 2013).)

Ok, so this movie tells of the terrifying tale of what could happen when some one who is telekinetic is pushed to the point where they just break!

The outcast teenager Carrie White (played by: Chloë Grace Moretz) is bullied by her classmates at the high school.

One of the girls at school being mean to Carrie White!

Her mother, Margaret White (played by: Julianne Moore), is a pious and paranoid woman that sees sin everywhere and the need of self-inflicting punishment.

When Carrie has her first period, she does not understand what is happening to her and her classmates humiliate her in the changing room. The spiteful Chris Hargensen (played by: Portia Doubleday) videotapes Carrie with her cellphone and posts it on the Internet.

Their teacher Ms. Desjardin (Played by: Judy Greer) punishes the students, but when Chris challenges her, she is suspended and consequently is banned from the prom.

Ms. Desjardin & Chris confront each other in front of the other girls.

Meanwhile, Carrie discovers that she has telekinesis and learns how to control her ability. Sue Snell, one of the girls that tormented Carrie, feels bad and asks her boyfriend Tommy Ross (played by: Ansel Egort) to invite Carrie to go with him to the prom to make up for what she did to Carrie. But Chris and her boyfriend Billy Nolan (played by: Alex Russell) plot an evil prank with her friends to get back at Carrie.

Ok so here is the thing with this movie… This remake of Carrie might be one of the best of any of the post Carrie (1976) movies… But the original Carrie is always going to be the best of the cinematic series… And the Stephen King novel will always be the best of that lot as well!

But Chloë Grace Moretz did a shockingly depressingly heart wrenchingly great job portraying whom in my opinion maybe one of the most saddest horror movie villains of all time!

Chloë Grace Moretz did a great job as, ‘Carrie White’ in this remake of the classic Stephen King movie, Carrie (2013)!

I will be honest with you… The biggest thing about this movie is Chloë Grace Moretz for me… Her portrayal was so good… It was right up there with Sissy Spacek’s in the original movie!

And honestly, I think the rest of the movie kind of comes together around the job that she did!

Check it out, it is definitely worth watching!

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