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  • Star Wars: More Could Be Good!

    Star Wars: More Could Be Good!

    Several months ago I discovered that Disney had bought out Lucas Films, and had planned on not just bringing the Star Wars films back to life, but had also decided to make spin off movies for more than a few of the characters!


  • The Many Faces Of Michael Myers

    The Many Faces Of Michael Myers

    Michael Myers… Since we first saw this truly evil person burst on to the big screen in the classic John Carpenter film, Halloween (1978), he has not only become one of the biggest names in the Halloween horror movie genre, but has actually become one of the most popular horror movie villains of all time, (to the point where when John Carpenter decided to switch gears with the series, that movie failed, and after Halloween Resurrection (2002), a survey was done and the people spoke in favor of a remake instead of continuing the original series without Michael Myers!


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