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  • Dead Season (2012) – Movie Review

    Dead Season (2012) – Movie Review

    Dead Season tells the story of how after a viral outbreak around the world brings the dead back to life, and ends civilization on planet Earth, 2 survivors by the name of, ‘Elvis’ (Peat) and, ‘Tweeter’ (Merrill) along with a boy (who doesn’t make it) head down to Miami together to pick up a boat that Elvis had chartered while traveling from Pittsburgh…


  • Return To Horror High (1987) – Movie Review

    Return To Horror High (1987) – Movie Review

    A film crew has come to the great city of Crippen, to the former High School, to make a movie about the events that occurred at that School a few years earlier, those being that someone had gone through and had killed a whole bunch of the students that had gone to the School at the time!


  • Soldier (1998) – Movie Review

    Soldier (1998) – Movie Review

    Soldier (1998), and that is really saying something… What I mean by that is that this movie which was written by: David Webb Peoples (Twelve Monkeys), and Directed by: Paul W.S. Anderson (Resident Evil), and which also starred, Jason Scott Lee (Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story), Jason Isaacs (Event Horizon), Connie Nielsen (The Devil’s Advocate), Sean Pertwee (Equilibrium), Michael Chiklis (Fantastic Four), and Gary Busey (Predator 2), told an interesting tale of how, ‘if it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it’ and how, ‘arrogance destroys all…’


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