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  • Men In Black 2 (2002) – Movie Review

    Men In Black 2 (2002) – Movie Review

    Men In Black 2, is the continuing story of Agent Jay (Smith), and Agent Kay (Jones), and the, Men In Black Organization! During this time, Agent Kay is working for a small town postal department and is living his old life as Kevin Brown! And Agent Jay is going through new partners as fast as humanly possible!


  • House (1986) – Movie Review

    House (1986) – Movie Review

    This movie, which is based on the story by, Fred Dekker (The Monster Squad), is a fascinating tale of a traumatized Vietnam Veteran turned recently divorced writer by the name of, Roger Cobb (Katt) whom after the suicide of his aunt and the latest bad dream about his dead kid being terrorized by a Zombie, decides to head over to his Aunt’s house while he works on his latest book in peace…


  • A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984) – Movie Review

    A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984) – Movie Review

    This legendary horror movie starts off the legend of, ‘Freddy Krueger’…

    You see, when Freddy Krueger was alive, he used to terrorize families in the town of Springwood by killing their children… Of course that is until he gets caught!

    Now the problem is that after he is arrested by the Police, he ends up being released on a technicality! This ends up enraging some of the parents in Springwood. So the parents end up chasing Kruger down and torching him in the building that he used to kill children in!


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