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  • Daybreakers (2009) – Movie Review

    Daybreakers (2009) – Movie Review

    This awesome story tells of how in the year 2019, a viral plague has infected almost all of the population of the planet, turning them in to Vampires! At this point though, the flegling Vampire race has one true inherent problem… You see these Vampires have already almost completely exhausted the blood supply of the human race and are slowly turning in to blood thirsty monsters!


  • Power Rangers (2017) – Movie Review

    Power Rangers (2017) – Movie Review

    Ok, so this movie tells a slightly different version of the original story. In this story Zordon (Played by: Bryan Cranston), is an Alien that fought Rita Repula (Played by Elizabeth Banks), on the Planet Earth in the hopes of stopping her from being to greedy and attempting to take the piece of the Zeo Crystal that gave life to the Planet.


  • Candyman (1992) – Movie Review

    Candyman (1992) – Movie Review

    This is the great tale of the legend of the, ‘Candyman’ a murdered former slave who comes back to kill you when you say his name 5 times… But in the modern day, more so than anything the Candyman has gone from being a real threat, to becoming a myth, and a way to scare the hell out of kids during sleep overs!


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