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  • Beetlejuice: Season 1 – Episode 1 (1989) – TV Episode Review

    Beetlejuice: Season 1 – Episode 1 (1989) – TV Episode Review

    This hilarious first episode brings us to about a year after the events of the first movie… The original inhabitants of the home have moved on… The Deetz family, including their weird daughter, ‘Lydia’ has not only acclimated to her new surroundings, but the ghost the former inhabitants hired to get rid of the Deetz family, ‘Beetlejuice’ has made fast friends with Lydia!


  • The Terminator (1984) – Movie Review

    The Terminator (1984) – Movie Review

    John Conner is the leader of the human resistance, some one who since he was very young, had been training for this eventuality by his mother, ‘Sarah Conner’… Now on the eve of the defeat of the artifical intelligence, when the AI civilization was on the verge of collapse… The AI sends one last lone, ‘Terminator’ to the past in an effort to destroy John Conner before he was born!


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