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  • Deadpool (2016) – Movie Review

    Deadpool (2016) – Movie Review

    This some times action packed, and some times hilarious tale, tells the story of a dying man who goes to a clinic in the hopes of being cured and given super powers… What he ends up getting is cured, and super powers as well a look that is horrifying… And so becomes a wise cracking mercenary, in an effort to hunt down the people who did the experiments and get his revenge!


  • Cry Litter Sister (1987) – Music Video

    Cry Litter Sister (1987) – Music Video

    So as a soundtrack fan, there is a song that really does fit very nicely in to the horror movie genre… This song is maybe the most well done song for a particular movie that I have ever seen, this soundtrack of course being, ‘Cry Little Sister’ By Gerard McMahon, for the classic 1987 horror movie: The Lost Boys!


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