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  • Nine Dead (2010) – Movie Review

    Nine Dead (2010) – Movie Review

    Now this movie is a very complex story, and kind of an edge of your seat story of the mistakes that people make, when 9 people are taken captive by a deranged maniac and imprisoned inside of a cellar, and told that they, ‘have to find out what their connection is to each other’, and that he will come back every 10 minutes and kill someone until this unlikely band which includes a cop (played by: William Scott Lee), an Assistant D.A. (Played by Melissa Joan Hart), an Insurance Salesman (Played by: James C. Victor), a Priest, (played by: Marc Macaulay), a Chinese store owner (played by: Lucille Soong), A gang banger (played by: Edrick Browne), a low level Mafia Lieutenant, (played by: Chip Bent), a Pedophile (played by: Lawrence Turner), and an actor (played by: John Coates) find out what they have in common with each other…


  • Total Recall (2012) – Movie Review

    Total Recall (2012) – Movie Review

    Now this movie which is based on the original story by Dan O’Bannon (Alien) and Ronald Shusett (Phobia), I wasn’t to happy to hear they were remaking (the truth is, is although there are some good remakes out there, I think Hollywood relies to heavily on them and I thought of this one as one of them!)


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