The Challenge: Beating Every NES & SNES Video Game On My Cell Phone!

It is my intention to beat every NES and SNES game on my phone!

So recently I was reading an article some where about a guy who had spent nearly four years had literally played every NES (Nintendo Entertainment System,) video game ever made and beat all of them (well to the best of his ability, when you consider that some of the old Nintendo games only went so far before the game reset itself…)

You know that got me to thinking… Ok, so it is a bit of an odd… Yet cool record to have, I mean when you consider the fact that there are literally hundreds of video games for the Nintendo… And I thought, well how cool is that? What can I do to get my own claim to fame? And it came to me… Why don’t I play every, ‘NES’ & ‘SNES’ game ever made, and beat all of them… But not just that, but beat them on my cell phone!

It’s on like Donkey Kong… Literally!

Now before I continue on, for those of you who are not entirely familiar with what the SNES is… It was the successor to Nintendo’s, ‘NES’ system for the United States, and it came out in the late 1980s!

Now as far as this contest goes, I know this is going to take me a few years to beat… That’s fine… I loved the NES & SNES! So what I am going to do is to do a video for the end of each video game I play to demonstrate that I have beaten that game, so that you guys can follow along with me!

Anyway, I hope you guys do end up enjoy this adventure with me as much I know I am going to! And for the first game that I am working on is nintendo’s, ‘Super Mario Bros. 3’!  For more information on this game, please check out the review I did for the game by clicking here: