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Children Of The Corn (1984) – Horror Movie Review

A great film that started a legendary franchise!

So one of my favorite authors of all time is actually Stepehen King (The Stand)… Stephen King doesn’t just maintian himself in to a singluar sub-genre of horror novels.

Now it is true that for the most part his work seems to be surrounded by the, ‘Supernatural’… But I have read novels of his, about people who have become possesed, and have decided to become killers… I have read novels abot him about the end of the world. I have also read novels about cults that take over small towns!

And speaking of that, one of the best most unassuming movies that was ever made based on his work was actually from the short story, ‘Children Of The Corn’… And the short story and the movie are two great pieces of entertainment worth checking out!

Written by: George Goldsmith (Blue Monkey) & Directed by: Fritz Kiersch (Gor). Starring: Peter Horton (Brimstone), Linda Hamilton (The Terminator), R.G. Armstrong (Predator), John Franklin (George B.), Courtney Gains (Candy Crush), Robby Kiger (Table For Five), Anne Marie McEvoy (Mr. Belvedere),

“Isaac started the whole thing. He’s a boy preacher who came to this town three years ago. At nine-years-old back then, he had a charming way that appealed to all the kids and teens like us to follow him with his own teachings of the bible and of the Old Testiment. But me and Sarah thought he was just plain weird.“ – Job (A quote by: Robby Kiger from, Children Of The Corn (1984).)

Now this movie tells the story of a young preacher who came to the samll sleepy town of, ‘Gatlin’ in Nebraska… A major producer of corn.

Isaac, the boy preacher who started all of this!

Now before the boy preacher (Isaac) came to town, this was just a quiet small town, filled with good, godfearing folks… But when Isaac got there, everything changed!

You see Isaac had basically brainwashed all of the children and the teens in to killing all of the adults in town! And this was to help gain followers for, ‘He Who Walks Behind The Rows’… A malevolent entity that takes the kids and destroys the adults.

Now everything was going fine, until a few years later when one of the kids decided to escape… And a young couple ran over him.

These guys don’t know what they are getting in to!

And it will be up to this young couple to discover the truth about what happened to Gatlin… And to stop Isaac and He Who Walks Behind The Rows… Before the children rule, and the adults step away!

In the end, this is probably one of Stephen King’s most unassuming movies… There is nothing that is inherently big or splashy… But with some of the 80s A listers having prominent roles, such as Peter Horton and Linda Hamilton… It is scary as hell and well worth checking out!

So if you get a chance, I highly recommend checking this out, it is more than well worth the time!

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