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Child’s Play (1988) – Horror Movie Review

Chucky is his friend till his end!

Ok, so I know I have said this before, but it is extremely true! The 1980s was great for horror movies! We saw the real emergence of some of hollywood’s great horror filmmakers, including: John Carpenter (Halloween), Wes Craven (A Nightmare On Elm Street), Sean S. Cunningham (Friday The 13th) and Clive Barker (Hellraiser)… (I know that alot of these people got their start in the 70s… But they really did not come in to their own until the 80s…)

And then there was an emergence of some of the greatest horror movie villains, including: Michael Myers (Halloween), Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare On Elm Street), Pinhead (Hellraiser) Jason Voorhees (Friday The 13th) and Chucky (Child’s Play).

And speaking of Child’s Play (1988)…

Written by: John Lafia (Man’s Best Friend), Tom Holland (Fright Night), Don Mancini (Cellar Dweller) & Directed by: Tom Holland. Starring: Brad Dourif (Halloween), Catherine Hicks (Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home), Chris Sarandon (Dog Day Afternoon) & Alex Vincent (House Guest Massacre).

“YOU STUPID BITCH, YOU FILTHY SLUT! I’LL TEACH YOU TO FUCK WITH ME!” – Chucky (A quote by: Brad Dourif from the movie: Child’s Play (1988).)

So during a particularly cold Chicago… Charles Lee Ray (The Lakeshore Strangler)… Is being chased by Detective Mike Norris (Played by: Chris Sarandon).

Charles Lee Ray… Just befire he becomes, ‘Chucky’!

Well it looks like the proud men in blue are going to get to put another murderer behind bars… When Norris chases Charles Lee Ray (Played by: Brad Dourif) in to a toy store… He thinks it is going to be a cinch…

And when Detective Norris manages to shoot the Lakeshore Strangler and fatally wound him… Everyone thinks that is it… Isn’t it?

Now we cut to Karen Barclay (Catherine Hicks)… A hard working mother who only want to get her son Andy (Played by: Alex Vincent) the gift that all the kids are wanting that particular year!

And that gift is a good guy doll… This doll will be your friend to the end… The problem is that with the Barclay family… The end maybe sooner then most people think.

This, ‘Good Guy’ will be a friend to his end!

When people start dying around Andy and his new toy… It will be up to Karen to begin to find out what is going on, and how that toy connects to Charles Lee Ray… Before either her son is next on the chopping block… Or her little boy is sent to prison for the murders he probably did not commit!

Ok, so overall, this movie has not been beat in the franchise… There was something truly original and awesome about this film… Besides the fact that it really was kind of one of the last movies of the 80s… It also had a legitimately scary premise… As well as an acting staff that would go on to (or continue to be) horror movie legends!

A surprisingly great horror movie!

In the end though there is two problems… This isn’t with the movie itself… But with the franchise that spawned from this movie:

1: Why the fuck are the studios butchering a great movie series that is still going strong with a remake… And relegating such a great movie series to exclusively TV?

2: Also… Why have we never seen the mother again after this movie? They wrote her out of the franchise claiming that she went in to an insane asylum forever… But I felt like there was so much more that could have been done with her character… Well either way!

In the end though, this movie is pretty bad ass, and well worth checking out if you get a chance!

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