Comics… The Artist Is Important, But So Is The Writer As Well!

One of the things that I have noticed to some extent in the world of comics is that when people are remembered for their contributions to creating some of these legendary comics, that it generally tends to be the artist who inked the comic that is rememebered for their contributions, and not always the artist that is remembered for his contributions to the work that has been done!

And where as I am inclined to agree that spectacular artwork does tend to make comics great… I also wanted to make special mention to the writer here.

Writers… I mean they make the stories that make the artwork so poingnant… For example… Some one had to come up with the original, ‘Civil War’ mini-series that Marvel has periodically brought back to life… And although I really honestly could not tell you who that person is, I can say this… I suspect it is the person who put the story in to words… The Writer!

Now the artist who inks the artwork for the comic is very important, as he helps really bring the story in to a vibrant focus… But it is the writer that brings the story to the inker so that he or she can bring the story in to vibrant focus…

You maybe wondering why I am writing this… Well that is because, where as I do think it is cool to see and get to meet the inker who brings the vibrancy of the story in to the real world… I also think we should not forget the writer as well… And although I am sure probably most do so… I also know that there are some people and venues that generally tend to forget about the writer… And I don’t think that is cool… The writer is integral to the story!