Congo (1980) – Michael Crichton – Book Review

Man… Michael Crichton, what can I say about the man… I mean when I was a kid and just getting in to reading books for more then just for School, I found his novels to be like movies… Fun, exciting, and frankly they kept me on the edge of my seat! And you know what else, just about all the books he has ever written that were adapted in to movies, well I have to say were just plain better in book form then they were in movie form!

And when I discovered that he passed away, and that there wouldn’t be anymore novels, well I have to say that it was pretty heart breaking!

And speaking of movies that were adapted from his books being not as good as the books ‘Congo’ (1980) was a sterling example of this!

Not like his other page turners... But still a fun book!

Not like his other page turners… But still a fun book!

You see this book tells the story of how when an exploratory mission is sent out in to the Congo, and ends ups being massacred by a group of weird looking Gorillas… Another mission is sent out to investigate what happened to the first expedition, and to continue there original expedition!

Now as I mentioned above, the book is certainly better then the movie… I mean I maybe one of the 5 or 6 people on Earth that actually liked the big screen adaption, but the book I do have to admit was a lot more fun… Now the only thing is that this one for me was not like, ‘Jurassic Park‘ (1990), or even, ‘The Lost World’ (1995)… But still… It was enough to keep me interested!