Cujo (1981) – Stephen King – Book Review

Official Score = 3 Devils

Official Score = 3 Devils

You know, when I first got in to horror movies I heard all about how great, ‘Cujo’ was… But I didn’t end up actually seeing it until not long after I had read the book… And you know what? I am glad that I did…

Don’t get me wrong, I  didn’t hate the movie, I found it to be a rather solid big screen adaption of Stephen King’s work! The reasons are as follows:

Well first off the basic story line is basically the same between the movie and the book… But in truth, the story from the book, I found it to be more brutal, more real… And in all truth, it made me want to root for the mother and her son that much more! Second off… Well the truth is, is that the actors did an amazing job with the movie… The problem was, was they just didn’t strike me as being the right look for the characters!

Now before I go on… I should tell you a little bit about the story…

A fun story, from a great novel!

Cujo tells the story of a woman and her young son who are heading up to an out of the way farm to have their car fixed… What they don’t realize is that with her husband out of town, and with a rabid dog having killed everyone at the farm… This mother and her son are going to have to get real smart if they are going to get away from the gigantic rabid dog that has their scent… And all of this while her car is broken down in the parking area of the farm!

In the end the last thing that I did want to say about this book that I thought was bar none great… But was only indirectly associated with this book, is the fact that Stephen King will end up adeptly using this story to add to future work as well!

In the end, the movie was quite good… The book was better, and if you give this a try, you might find the same thing as well!