DC/Marvel All Access #1 (1997) – Comic Book Review

My first opportunity for a Marvel/DC Crossover… I am so happy!

So one of the things I have really looked forward to since I was a kid and first started enjoying comic books, is the crossover! Crossovers are rare, but they are so awesome!

I am not just talking about what goes on in the Arrowverse between the various shows… I mean, to be honest… That is sort of common.  In this case what I mean is being able to see a crossover event like, Freddy Vs. Jason (2003), or the Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash crossover comic book series.

One of the crossover events though that I have always wanted to see happen, but unfortunately I haven’t seen (Unless it was done on youtube…) That being the crossover event between Marvel’s finest and the awesome characters that DC has to offer! I mean how cool would it be to have Superman and The Incredible Hulk fight… Am I right?

Well I haven’t really gotten to see that fight yet, but I have to be honest and say that I am really looking forward to it! But what I have gotten to read though is the team up between, ‘Spider-Man’ and, ‘Superman’ as they try to take down, ‘Venom’!

Superman Vs. Venom… Spider-Man is not far behind!

You see, this issue takes place after the previous DC/Marvel crossover series ended. This first issue tells the story of how while the universes did go back to normal… That is until Venom some how managed to get caught up in the DC Universe!

During this time, Superman and he get in to this epic heated battle… And with, ‘The Access’ (A guy who has the power and responsiblity to keep the two universes completely seperate,) needing to get Venom back to the Marvel Universe quick, before disaster begins to happen again. Access decides to enlist the aid of, ‘Spider-Man’ to get Venom back!

In the end, it will take two seperate Earth’s heroes to stop Venom, before Venom’s crossover merges the universes together again!

Now before I continue, I should say that niether universe in the series is called, ‘DC’ or, ‘Marvel’… And I know alot of people complain about the crossover series.  For me the stories are fun, the writting is awesome and the imagery of having Spider-Man and Superman teaming up is amazing!