Detective Comics #28 (1939) – Comic Book Review

Ok, so… So… so far I have to say that I am really quite impressed with where the Batman series started off with… I mean it is true that this comic had sort of a quiet start by consideration… But even if Batman hasn’t started fighting people like, ‘The Joker’… It is still pretty awesome! 

You know, you know some of the reasons that this amazing early series is great is not just because it is, ‘The Bat-man’… But in truth it is because seeing the humble beginnings are just fun! 

And you want to know what? The second issue of this comic book series is just as fantastic!

A fun one!

A fun one!

In the case of this comic… It looks like The Bat-man is going after a crime ring that is robbing filthy rich people!

Ultimately the best thing about this comic is not so much the series itself, but the imagery… And what I mean by that is that these comics really are inked for their time, and seeing what Bruce Wayne/The Bat-Man is like in the 30s is awesome! 

So check out this issue… It is not the greatest, but it is a ton of fun!