Diablo (1996) – Video Game Review

Alright, so it is true, it has been a while since I have done a video game review… But with all of the recent false starts, I figure why not… Right?

Well for this one, I wanted to report on a game that most people know as a sequel, or a mod of a sequel (I maybe getting older… But my generation was the first to invent the, ‘modded’ game…)

And that game of course is, Diablo (1996).

For most of you these days, most people recognize video games and computer games as basically being one-in-the same… With Microsoft having the, ‘XBox’ store now available for both it’s computers and video game systems… Etc… But before Microsoft closed the barrier between video game and computer game… Both were vastly different styled systems.

And in 1996, the computer game was starting to really develop in to something to contend with… I would even say that the good computer games of the 1990s were the forerunners of the modern first person shooter games!

This computer game came out at the height of such games as: ‘Doom’ and, ‘Duke Nukem’.

For it’s time, it had graphics that I would consider to be better than most of the video games that were out there at that time.  It had sound effects that in my opinion come close to rivaling any of the modern video games… And the story is pretty awesome to!

The game starts when the player’s character arrives in Tristram. Several of the remaining townsfolk assist the player such as Deckard Cain the Elder. The labyrinth under the Cathedral descends from the dungeon/church, to the catacombs, followed by the caves, and finally Hell itself, each with a mixture of the undead, animals, and demons. Leoric has been re-animated as the Skeleton King.

Late in the game, the hero must fight Archbishop Lazarus, and eventually Diablo himself. At the end of the game, the hero kills Diablo’s mortal form. The hero then takes the Soulstone out of Diablo’s forehead after which Diablo transforms into a lifeless Prince Albrecht. The hero then drives the Soulstone into his/her own forehead, and he or she contains the essence of Diablo within himself or herself.

In the end, this game I am sure you can still find around the internet or in video game form on eBay… If you do, I highly recommend checking it out, and giving it a once over. This game is a fun horror/fantasy game, and is well worth the hours of fun it creates!