Doom (1993) – Video Game Review

Official Score = 3 Devils

Official Score = 3 Devils

You know I remember the good ole days when Computer games were just on the verge of coming in to there own age of prominence, with such games as, ‘Hexen: Beyond Heretic’ (1995), ‘Heretic’ (1994), ‘Duke Nukem’ (1991), and just a whole bunch of other amazing shooter games!

But there was one that I remember just enjoying for hours on end, As a matter of fact this was the first Computer game I ever owned on the first computer I ever owned and that is, ‘Doom’ (1993)!

Developed by: Id Software & Nerve Software, this awesome classic told the story of a Space Marine who ends up fighting his way through hordes of Demons and what not from hell!

The player killing the forces of hell with a shot gun!

You know, in my opinion, this game was well before it’s time, the reason being is that nowadays, the first person shooter motif platform is pretty standard in both Computer Games and Video Games, but the truth is, is that when this video game first came out, first person shooters were pretty uncommon.

And you know what? You could tell that this new mode of play was pretty rare, if anything by the style in which the game was created… I mean you could tell what the game was going for, and it was a total blast, and in all truth, I suspect that this game would help serve as the template for how alot of the first person shooters were modeled… The problem is, is that at this point, the game is still fun, but it is a dinosaur and looses some of nuances that made it great 21 years ago… And doesn’t end up standing well against some of the modern first person shooter games.

A true classic that should never be forgotten!

In the end though, this game is worth trying if you are an enthusiast, or if you are looking for a fun walk down memory lane, other wise… It probably is worth skipping…