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Down (In To The Dark) (2019) – Horror Movie Review

How cool is it to have such an amazing horror movie be set in an elevator!

So one thing I have noticed that I do find to be rather interesting is the fact that over time there have been some horror TV shows that have been so good, and have been directed by such a high caliber group of people, that they end up on their own merits to become movies in and of themselves!

The, ‘Masters Of Horror’ series was a great example of this… Alot of the series was directed by horror movie greats such as, ‘John Carpenter’ (Halloween), Mick Garris (Psycho 4: The Beginning) and so much more!

That show ended up being so good that each epsiosde seemed like a movie! Well the, ‘In To The Dark’ series is more like a series of horror movies turned in to a TV Anthology… And the episode that I saw, Down (2019)… I have to say was pretty awesome!

Written By: Kent Kubena (Turistas) & Directed by: Daniel Stamm (A Necessary Death). Starring: Matt Lauria (Shaft) & Natalie Martinez (Death Race).

Ok, so this movie tells the suspense filled tale of a woman by the name of Jennifer Robbins (played by: Natalie Martinez) and a man by the name of, ‘Guy’, (played by: Matt Lauria).

Now Jennifer leads a very typical life of a mostly single woman, she works in a big building… She is nice, and friendly to the people around her. Unfortunately she is pretty unlucky in love… But she is hoping to change it, when she decides to fly out on Valentines Day to try to reconcile with her boy friend.

And then there is, ‘Guy’… Now Guy seems to be just a typical bachelor… Doesn’t really seem to have anybody in his life… So he decides to work late… And on his way home, he meets Natalie in the elevator.

At first she and Guy get along famously… So much so, that when the elevator seems to stop working… Both basically end up just having some truly amazing conversations!

But when they decide to have sex with each other… That is when things take a decidedly darker turn… You see, Guy has a decidedly dark secret that he is hiding from Natalie, and about it turns out that they really are a little more than the quick friends that she thought they were becoming in the elevator that she thought he was meeting him for the first time in!

A fun and easy night being trapped in an elevator takes a decidedly darker turn!

And after that… Being stuck in that elevator will become a night of shear terror that niether one of them will forget about for as long as they live!

These types of suspense filled movies are a ton of fun… They are not always covered in blood (this one is… But it is still pretty tastefully done though!)

I thought that the talent in this movie was pretty brilliant as well! And knowing that both of the actors in this movie worked together before… Kind of really fits in the story line!

The only problem that I can see with this is that it is strictly a, ‘Hulu’ series… So unless you have Hulu. you might not have the chance to check it out… But if you have Hulu, check it out! It is certainly well worth it!

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