Empire Of The Ants (1977) – Movie Review

I first originally heard about this movie from a friend of mine and head of AwesomeBMovies.com, Matthew Dowling… And I gotta say that after seeing the movie, Them! (1954) and hearing what he had to say about the movie, I have to admit that I was real curious about the movie… And I gotta say that I was not disappointed!

You see this amazing movie, which stars such notables as, Joan Collins (Dynasty), Robert Lansing (Star Trek), John David Carson (The Fifth Floor) & Pamela Susan Shoop (Halloween 2) is a cautionary tale of how after a dumped container of toxic waste comes to shore, the ants starts getting in to it and changing…

While this is occurring Marilyn Fryser (Collins) sets up an event for prospective investors for soon to be developed prefab town around where the Ants art supposed to be…

As the tour of middle aged yuppies and young people begins, they start noticing how one of the couples is not on the bus, so Joe Morrison (Carson) and a woman by the name of Coreen Bradford decide to take off in search of the unlucky couple… What they find, and what the rest of the tour finds, is something they never would have imagined… Giant Ants!

So they decide to head off back to civilization as quick as they can, and on their way, they constantly are fighting off the Ants… But as they make their way back to civilization they will face something more then they ever imagined when they come up against the, ‘Empire Of The Ants’!

Now besides the fact that this has an amazing cast to it, the special effects in this movie are amazing, I mean I suspect by and large that Them! was hugely influential in making this movie, and they did a great job in paying homage to that movie with how the Ants were made in this one!

Also I have to admit that being a huge B Movie fan, that I really liked the story line… I mean the chances of ever actually growing gigantic Ants from Toxic Waste is probably not something that can really happen, but I do like how in this movie that it does, and how quickly relationships can come during such a devastating disaster (like this one obviously was!)

In the end, this movie is a lot of fun, and definitely worth a watch, and if you get a chance, you might think so as well!