Enjoying Video Game Characters In Cartoon Form.


Ok, so this kind of takes a special type of person… Like me, I kind of enjoy cartoons and animation in almost all of it’s forms…  But one of the things I have periodically enjoyed is getting to see the crossover of some of America’s most beloved video game characters!

In truth, they haven’t always successfully transfered… In the crossover from video game to cartoon, there has been some stuff like the dud that has been a few of the, ‘Sonic: The Hedgehog’ TV shows (Not all of them have been bad… But there are definitely some that have been duds!)

And then there is the comic to cartoon crossover that has not had many duds… But honestly… There was an Avengers cartoon that came out in the late 1990s that was really just bad!

Now how do you turn a great comic or video game in to a horrible TV franchise?

Well like everything… It starts with bad planning (or in some cases good planning), but ultimately poor execution…

A great example of this actually is the cartoon form of, ‘The Avengers’… Now we all know about the MCU and how truly amazing that actually is… If you have never read the comic… Well then… You really should have! Just about every iteration I have read or seen has been absolutely amazing! Except for, ‘Avengers: United They Stand’.

What made this show so bad was simply the fact that the show was badly planned, and poorly executed… I mean the voice over work was good… But considering all of the Marvel cartoons that came before this show, the animation was horrible… And the stories (while having their moments) were pretty weak, and the fact that none of the original Avengers (with the exception of, ‘Hawkeye’, and, ‘Ant-Man’) were on the Team!

I mean, ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Captain America’ were atleast guests on the show! The Hulk and Thor never even made it that far!

Ultimately it had it’s moments, but in truth it really was kind of a bland show…

As for the cartoons made from animated characters… I mean some of them truly were rather bland… But unlie the Avengers TV series I mentioned above… These shows were only mostly bland because of being outdated or poor stories…

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show is a great example of this!

Ok, so what I mean by this is the fact, that this show, which was created in the very early 1990s had a very outdated  live action and animation motif… And sometimes very short, but weak story lines…  Ultimately I enjoyed it…. And this show does have some lasting power… But because it is outdated… It will eventually fade away…

But there are a ton of other great crossover shows for cartoons and video games.  One of them being the first Sonic: The Hedgehog show… It was entertaining, had mostly amusing story lines… And watching those characters come to life… Well for a life long fan… That was pretty excellent!

Another one that I have just recently gotten in to is the show: Pac Man and the Ghostly Adventures… It is a surprisingly fun cartoon that appears to have lasted for 2 seasons… But was more than well worth it!

Anyway, if you are some one that is a fan of both cartoons and video games… The cross overs are a ton of fun! Even the more bland ones have their moments! For more information, check these out!