Final Destination (2000) – Movie Review

So one of the things about some of the more cheesier of franchises…. Is no matter how bad, (or in the case of some horror movies, how good) they are.   They frequently have roots in original horror movies that are truly amazing… And are sort of legends in their own fields… A couple of examples:

1. Freddy Vs. Jason (2003) may not be one of those movies that everyone loved… I enjoyed it… I love that it was the first non-written crossovers of the horror franchise… WIth having Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees going at it in both Springwood and Crystal Lake!  But there are so many better films in both franchises that one could say actually was better… And of course the most notably being, Friday The 13th (1980) and, A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)… Both the originals to this film.

2. Another movie is the last of the Halloween franchise… That last movie… Well that last movie was ok… But Halloween (1978) was truly an amazing film… And is the film that helped define the modern slasher sub genre.

Final Destination (2000) is the movie that started that franchise, and in truth, and in my opintion is the best of that series and a generally great film!

Written by: Glen Morgan (Willard), Jeffrey Reddick (Tamara), James Wong (American Horror Story) also Directed by: James Wong.  Starring: Devon Sawa (Idle Hands), Ali Larter (Heroes), Kerr Smith (Dawson’s Creek), Kristen Cloke (Space: Above And Beyond), Daniel Roebuck (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Chad Donella (Disturbing Behavior), Sean William Scott (American Pie) & Tony Todd (Candyman).

“You have to realize is that we’re just a mouse that a cat has by the tail, every single move we make from the mundane to the monumental, the red light that we stop at or run, the people we have sex with or want with us, the airplanes that we ride or walk out of, it’s all part of deaths sadistic design. Leading to the grave.” – A quote by Tony Todd from, Final Destination (2000.

In the world sometimes people are able to cheat death… Sometimes people are able to escape death, get a premonition of stuff like that, that might happen…. The problem is, is that no one escapes death… Not really anyway…

And when Alex Browning (Played by Devon Sawa) starts having these strange premonitions about a class trip over seas… He stops the plane long enough so that his teacher and some of classmates are forced off the plane… But when the plane blows up… Has Alex and his remaining class cheated death? Or is death still looking to take them?

And as the accidents tragic deaths of the survivors starts to begin to mount…. It will be up Alex and his closest friends to figure out what is going on and stop whatever it is from occuring before it happens to them as well!

Now honestly this is one of my favorite movies of all time! I highly recommend it! It has more then plenty thrills and chills and with a great story and characters… It is definitely one worth checking out!