Firestarter (1980) – Stephen King – Book Review

A fantastic book!

A fantastic book!

Alright, so I know I have done a bunch of reviews for Stephen King novels… But there is a reason for that… I mean if you know me, then you know that I freaking love Stephen King’s work! That is true… But the truth is, is that there is not a lot  of people doing horror novels these days, and those that are… Not always great!

But let’s be honest here.. Stephen King is freaking awesome! I mean almost everything that this guy has ever written is pretty freaking awesome… So much so that his novels oft times get turned in to movies themselves!

And that is the subject of my next Book review… I want to do a review for the novel, ‘Firestarter’ (1982)!

Now this novel is the heart wrenching, pulse pounding tale about a man and a woman who meet at an experiment when in College!

You see, they ended up volunteering for this experiment that ended up giving them special powers, and when they fall in love and get married, their daughter ends up with special powers as well!

A brilliant movie, and an even better book!

A brilliant movie, and an even better book!

Anyway, after being on the run from the, ‘Company’ (The soulless government agency that conducted the original experiment,) this little girl ends up loosing her parents in various ways to the company’s hit men… And why you ask?

You see, this little girl is so powerful, that it is theorized that when she grows up, she will have the power to destroy the Earth… quite literally!

Now with her parents dead, this little girl is on her own, and will have to navigate a mine field of Company foot soldiers who want to turn this little girl in to a weapon, an assassin who is obsessed with being at her death… And all of this while she tries her hardest to make sure to keep her powers under control!

The truth is, is the only problem with this novel is the fact that the movie comes in a close second! What I mean by this is the fact that the book was so engrossing that once I got started with it, I couldn’t stop reading it… But I have only seen the movie maybe a half a dozen times!

So if you are looking for something that is definitely a lot of fun… Something you will completely enjoy… Check this one out… It is pretty awesome!