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Five Attractive Women That Kick Ass In Five Different Sci-Fi Movies! – #Scifi #Movie #Blog

Sigourney Weaver as, ‘Ripley’ from the, ‘Alien’ franchise is one of the original bad ass beauties to kick ass!

Ok, so one of the big things in Science Fiction, as is the same thing in horror, is that women play a pretty important part in the movies that they are in, and so I thought that you might like these five attractive women that kick ass in five different sci-fi movies!

5: Scarlett Johansson as: ‘Black Widow’

Black Widow is beautiful bad-ass woman that has helped save the earth many times in the MCU!

4: Carrie-Anne Moss as: ‘Trinity’

Trinity is a bad-ass beauty that helped beat the, ‘System’ in the, ‘Matrix’ franchise.

3: Linda Hamilton as: ‘Sarah Connor’

Sarah Connor kicked some cyborg butt in the first 2 and last terminator movies!

2:Nancy Allen as: ‘Anne Lewis’

RoboCop and his partner, ‘Anne Lewis’ really know how to put the metal to the criminal!

1: Carrie Fisher as: ‘Princess Leia’

Princess Leia is certainly a royal pain in the ass for, ‘Darth Vader’ and the Galactic Empire!

There are more, but these are women who have played pretty important roles in the science fiction movies they are apart of!

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