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Five Average Characters Who Ended Up Saving Everything!

Have you ever noticed that in a lot of movies they take an average joe, and they turn him in to the greatest person who will save the universe! And it does happen alot more than you might think, and so I thought that you guys might enjoy these five average characters who ended up saving everything!

Neo is a great example of a regular person who went on to save everything!

5: Alex Rogan/Beta Alex (The Last Starfighter) – Starring: Lance Guest.

4: Luke Skywalker (Star Wars franchise) – Starring: Mark Hamill.

3: Detective Seargent Thorn (Soylent Green) – Starring: Charlton Heston.

2: Ellen Ripley (Alien Series) – Starring: Sigourney Weaver.

1: Corbin Dallas (The Fifth Element) – Starring: Bruce Willis.

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