Five Classic Horror Movies You Can Find On Vudu

With the rise of streaming media as a mainstay replacement for the standard cartridge or, ‘CD’ styled movie viewing capacity…  There have been a growing number of streaming services that have begun to pop up for both movies and TV.  Now these services keep growing faster than people realize… But since Netflix, there has been a ton of them, including: Google Play, Hulu, CBS All Access and a ton more… But the one that I find that I really like is, Vudu (In a lot of ways, if you can’t find something on Netflix or Hulu or whatever, it is likely on Vudu…

Now instead of the more traditional pay by month system… Vudu just have you by the season of a tv show or movie… And you can end up with a real nice collection!

And so I thought that I would mention these five horror classics that I am really quite impressed with, and I think you might be as well!

5. 976-Evil (1988).

4. Phantasm (1979).

3. Silent Night Deadly Night (1984).

2. Fright Night (1985).

1. Tremors (1990).