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Five Great Captains Of Five Great Ships From Five Great B Movies.

Leslie Neilsen as, ‘Commander Adams’ in, Forbidden Planet (1956)!

So over the decades there has been a ton of great B Movies to be released! And even more great science fiction movie to have been released as well! And well I thought that you might enjoy this list of five great captains of five great ships from five great b movies!

5: Tom Skerritt as, ‘Captain Dallas’ (Alien).

Tom Skerritt as, ‘Captain Dallas’.

4: George Peppard as, ‘Space Cowboy’ (Battle Beyond The Stars).

George Peppard as, ‘Space Cowboy’.

3: Leslie Nielsen as, ‘Commander Adams’ (Forbidden Planet).

Leslie Nielsen as, ‘Commander Adams’.

2: Barry Sullivan as, ‘Captain Mark Markary’ (Planet Of The Vampires).

Barry Sullivan as, ‘Captain Mark Markary’.

1: Michael Rennie as, ‘Klaatu’ (The Day The Earth Stood Still).

Michael Rennie as, ‘Klaatu’.

There are definitely more out there, but these are just a small handful that I really like, and I hope that you will to!

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