Five Great Comics That Are Just As Fun In The Comics As They Are On Screen

Alright, so there is a slight difference between TV, movie and in the comics… A great example is the fact that some how the DCEU and the DC TV Series, are some how from different universes… Even though from what I have been reading… Supergirl will apparently be the in the same universe as the DCEU… And will some how have two Supermen in some capacity… convuluted… Am right?

Well I got to think with the frequently convuluted nature of these series… I thought that I would mention these 5 comics that are actually as fun as the movies/tv series (despite the convulted natures of their onscreen appearances.)2

So here are the 5 characters that I recommend reading, watching on TV, and on the big screen:

5. Batman

4. The X-Men

3. Supergirl

2. Spiderman

1. Wonder Woman