Five Great DC & Marvel Video Games That Came Out Before The MCU & DCEU!

Ok, so most people generally tend to equate most things Marvel or DC with the modern DCEU or MCU! And both movie franchises are absolutely awesome, but there is a lot more out there then is seen just in the MCU and DCEU, and I thought that you guys would enjoy these five great DC & Marvel video games that came out before the MCU or the DCEU!

At number 5: Marvel Vs. Capcom (1998).

At number 4: Batman Returns (1992).

At number 3: Captain America And The Avengers (1991).

At number 2: Justice League: Task Force (1995).

1: X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse (1995).

There are a ton of other great DC and Marvel games that came out before the current epic movie franchises…  But these are a few that I thought that you would be in to!