Three Great Moments From Five Great Science Fiction Movies/TV Shows

Science Fiction, now in recent years science fiction has gotten a little bit, ‘bubble gum’, except in all of the wrong areas… Like, Justice League (2017) and the like… But there are some truly great moments in Science Fiction of the past that makes up for what filmmakers are doing to the modern science fiction movie and TV series! With that said, I thought you guys might enjoy these five great moments from five great science fiction movies!

3. The first interacial kiss aired on TV!

2. This opening scene in Soylent Green, shows a great example of what could happen if we continue to abuse ourselves and this planet!

1. Terror at 20,000 Feet is still considered to be one of the greatest episodes in Horror & Science Fiction History!

There are many other great moments, I just thought you guys might enjoy these ones! Enjoy!