Five Songs Made By Horror Movie Talent!

Ok, so one of things about horror movie actors and directors, is that some of them happen to be musicians!

That is very true, now some of them are lesser known, (Like Snoop Dogg, who was in the movie, Hood Of Horror (2007).) Or the more famous like. LL Cool J (Deep Blue Sea). There has been quite a few alumni of horror who either came from or went to become musicians, and I thought that you guys might enjoy this list of: Five Songs Made By Horror Movie Talent!

5: Corey Feldman (Of Friday The 13th Part 4 fame, The Lost Boys and so much more!)

At 4: Dee Snider (Of Strangeland Fame!)

Next up to 3: Alice Cooper (Who played Freddy Krueger’s foster father in, Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare)

Rounding second: John Carpenter (The man who made Halloween great again!)

Finally at number 1: Jon Bon Jovi (Vampires: Los Muertos)

In the end, there is quite a few goodies out there in the music world from people from the world of Horror! I just thought these were a few of the better ones… I hope you like them to!