Five Songs From Five Decades That Still Rock!

So it is true that most music fans over the decades generally tend to listen to the music for them that only happens to be popular for that time in there lives! I supose that is why pop music generally tends to be a very fluid thing… You think?

But there are still a large contingent, a lucky group, that beyond just enjoying the modern music scene seem to enjoy the classics as well… And well that got me to thinking…

Well I could go over all of the various types of music out there and put together a really nice group of songs for you guys that you might enjoy… But since this site is dedicated musically primarily to the darker forms of music and their ancestors, I thought that I would do that, and so I got to thinking about 5 songs that I thought you guys might enjoy… So let me know what you think!

At number 1: Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley.

Elvis Presley doing, ‘Jailhouse Rock’!

Ok  so we all knew who Elvis Presley was… I mean he may have passed on decades ago now, but the truth, is this guy has always been and always will be the standard upon which rock ‘n roll musicians live up to… He made a ton of extremely popular songs like, ‘Hound Dog’, ‘Heartbreak Hotel’, ‘Tutti Frutti’ and so much more!

But there is one song that in my opinion encompasses Elvis’s contribution to making rock music the best it could be, and that is the song, ‘Jailhouse Rock’…  This song is so popular that even today it is still recognized as one of the best rock songs of all time… And one of the most controversial for it’s time!

At number 4: in a gadda da vida by: Iron Butterfly.

Not a great image I admit… But this song maybe the most important Rock song of all time!

Now if you never listen to another one of there songs… It is a shame, they are a great band! But the other side of it… If you never listen to another one of their songs… You really wouldn’t be missing all that much!

What I mean by this is the fact that, ‘in a gadda da vida,’ the way it was put together… maybe the most important rock ‘n roll song of all time! It has great lyrics, great instrumentals… I have heard influential hints of this song  in other heavy metal and rock ‘n roll musicians… I suspect this song may have been the inspiration… maybe indrectly for certain horror filmmaking styles…

This song is truly amazing! If you haven’t heard it yet… Check this out!

At number 3: Iron-Man by: Black Sabbath!

A legendary band!

Now before the Ozzman went solo and created an entire phenomena behind his brand of epic heavy metal, he was apart of, ‘Black Sabbath’!

Unfortunately I don’t know to much about Sabbath, except to note that the few songs that I have been able to enjoy of theirs, I really enjoy, and can see why they are still one of the most highly regarded bands to come out of the 1970s!

2. Welcome To The Jungle by: Guns ‘n Roses

Guns N Roses, a great band that came out of the 1980s!

Now I think it is pretty fair to say that no one would consider this popular late 80s song to be the most popular rock song of the 80s… And you know what? It isn’t! It really isn’t! What makes this song so amazing is not that it is the most popular, or the best… But because despite all that I would say it is the most enduring!

And so for this I decided that this time instead of doing the best… I would do the most fun!

1. The Unforgiven by: Metallica.

A personal favorite… I had to put it up! It is a great song though!

The truh  is, is this song is a personal favorite of mine… But it is a great song I know you are going to enjoy!